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09.04.12 — The Current State of Big / Little Marketing

September 8, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)
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    I’m liking the state or marketing these days. All the rules are out the window — big names are doing little things with huge results, little names are doing big things that give them a leg up in a crowded field, and everybody is pushing the boundaries daily to get noticed. All good as long as it’s true to the brand — or, at least doesn’t stray too far away from the b(r)and identity:

    Check out this AdWeek article re: California Wives, whose Sept 4 release is getting a huge push from Sharpies, thanks to their use of the song “Purple” as the centerpiece of a complex six-week back-to-school campaign that marries a traditional media buy with fan-generated spots on social media.

    And stream the entire album on Billboard, I love “Marianne” for its old-school shoegazer vibe.

    Or see how Animal Collective has teamed up with Creators Project and Mixcloud to post 4 weekly internet radio shows (with some SERIOUSLY deep tracks by their faces & influences) leading up to this week’s release, culminating in a full stream of the album + fan uploads of their own mix tapes. Instead of relying solely on blog press and indie radio, the band went direct to their fans to stir awareness and buzz.

    Even Taylor Swift, as big as she is, is leaving nothing to chance — first announcing her new single during a Google+ Hangout with her fans (streamed on YouTube to an audience of a mere 70k), yet activating a core so strong that she broke singles sales records in the ensuing 24 hours. Then pushing the video out via a linked image on Facebook (34mm fans, 32k likes, 2200 shares) within moments of its premiere on traditional music video channels, even garnering extra revenue with pre-roll Gap ads on Vevo, all before hitting the VMAs this week.

    Or little ol’ Barack Obama, who has a team of creatives whose sole job is to build those image memes you see posted on Facebook every day. Then stooping so low as to do a Q&A on some site called reddit (actually, my favorite site in the whole world) — killing their servers and breaking reddit traffic records within minutes, and coming off as the coolest kid in class for recognizing & participating in one of the reddit community’s hallmarks, the IAMA (I am a / ask me anything). If this election cycle had an Arsenio moment, this was it.

    There are examples like this happening every day, but these are just a few things that caught my attention as of late. Hope you all had a great holiday break, hunker down and get ready for an awesome Q4. Hyah! Hyah!

    PS, food for thought — if Twitter advertised football team specific hashtags, they could get a HUGE swath of Saturday / Sunday traffic, leaving Facebook a peaceful land of cat pictures, some e-cards, and Clint Eastwood memes. Just sayin’.

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