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#1 Rule to Social Visual Media — BE INTERESTING

October 22, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)
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    In today’s visually-driven social media world, there is only ONE rule: BE INTERESTING.

    It’s not that hard to do, but in fact, speaking as someone who oversees the social media pics of 1500 celebrities on my site theyposted.com — most celebrities are just like us! Which means, sad to say, they post a TON of boring stuff!

    You see celebrities posting a lot of the same stuff most other people post — duckface in the mirror, fake bacon for breakfast, getting a manicure with a bestie — and all that is cool, it is a reflection of your personal life, which is what we all want to see in your social feeds, but I’ve brought this up before — ELEVATE THE GAME!

    Take beautiful pictures of beautiful things, keep them in your back pocket to post at a later date. Capture those once in a lifetime moments that make people go, “oh wow, that really happened!” Approach your photo feed with a sense of wonder that takes people away from their mundane lives and into another universe.

    Celebrities tend to get a pass because they are celebrities — all they have to do is post a picture of themselves in the back seat of the limo, 100,000 of their 10 million fans LIKE that shot within the first 10 minutes. But you want more than just a like. You want a share, you want to inspire. A good social feed for public figures should be a mix of the personal, the commercial (barely), and the inspirational.

    Look at Nic Adler’s feed. Look at my feed. Look at Ron Howard’s feed.

    I don’t claim to be a celebrity or the most interesting person in the world, but I do acknowledge that I am blessed enough to have a rather unique life. And because of that, I deliberately consider the images I share on my social platforms. And those images tend to get a high percentage of likes from my relatively small number of followers / friends.

    And why should you care? Well, not only does interesting content create higher engagement rates and improve Facebook algorithms, but because what you post becomes NEWS. Because what you post eventually becomes MONEY.

    My new site theyposted.com is just the beginning of a new wave in celebrity entertainment news. And with new social platforms trying to allow users to charge for access to your feed, there may be money down the line if what you are posting is INTERESTING.

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