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10.15.12 — Hashtags, Images, Sacca

October 16, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)
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    Check this out — ESPNU is starting to INTEGRATE fan-shot video into sports highlights! I have been talking about this for a while, I will be talking about it even more in the months ahead — there is a TON of fan-shot content, video & still imagery from shows and events. And we as an industry are barely doing anything with ANY of it.

    Every single TV show, every single commercial, every single event, every single promotion has a hashtag attached to it now. And yet the music industry is the last to latch on to this practice.

    Seriously, can you name the hashtag for ANY current / upcoming concert tour or album release? Anyone?

    The walls are breaking down between the fan and the audience. We all need to have serious discussions on how to curate and integrate fan-generated content into the artist’s work. I am seeing peeks here & there, but this needs to become a widespread practice, and there need to be guidelines and best practices so we don’t mess up this HUGE opportunity.

    NARM / DigitalMusic.org is reviewing a white paper I wrote on this very subject, and I am available to consult your enterprise on the future of Social Visual Bookmarking / repurposing of fan content if your team is not already on the case.

    I had originally called this the Next Big Trend of 2014, but we need to speed up the process and make this a big deal in 2013.

    PS, do yourself a HUGE favor and listen to This Week in Startup’s interview with Chris Sacca. NOW. Even if you have to break it up 15 minutes at a time. Part 1 is the story of Chris, Part 2 is more big-picture stuff.

    Yeah, there is a TON of techie insider baseball that may go over your head if you are not familiar with the players or the teams. Doesn’t matter, dig into it anyway — a fascinating peek into how some of the smartest minds today are working to shape the future of how we communicate & connect.

    I’ll leave it up to Lefsetz to turn 10 crucial words into 1000 (Sacca’s views / Jason Calacanis’s needling on Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook, Marissa Mayer / Yahoo, Larry & Sergei / Google, Obama / Romney, America, Twitter, Instagram, telecoms / bandwidth auctions, VCs / angels / Angel List [strong parallels to major labels], etc.) — just TRUST ME and dig deep into these interviews, it is truly fascinating stuff.

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