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NMT Email Feb 21, 2011 – SXSW Party Rules, Eventbrite

March 8, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)
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    Anybody looking for a breakfast meetup in a post-Las Manitas Austin should seriously consider Sol y Luna at the corner of 6th & Red River, right next to Emo’s. It’s a close walk from the Hilton and has all the Manitas recipes — it doesn’t have the old-time diner vibe that Las Manitas had, but hopefully with a good crowd every morning it will feel like that home away from home. With migas con queso.

    Anybody throwing a party this year –

    1) get your info over to us ASAP for the annual Daytime Party List.

    2) make sure you have enough staff to get everyone inside in a reasonable manner — if the place is packed, okay, we’ll wait. But leaving people stewing on the sidewalk while the inside is half empty is a sign of poor organization, and grounds for a grade-A ass-whuppin’.

    3) make your party memorable — free beer? duh. barbecue? check. Built to Spill? i’ight. C’mon, somebody fly out the motherfucking KOGI truck and have Antoine Dodson serve Korean fusion tacos with a bunch of half-naked ladyboys painted like geese or something, emceed by Ted Williams and played off by the Old Spice guy dressed up as Keyboard Cat — your sponsors gave you a ton of money to put on the party, spend it on something we’ll actually remember and TALK ABOUT.

    4) give preference to badgeholders — SXSW has been nice enough not to crack down on day parties, don’t spoil the fun by letting your party be overrun with a bunch of American Apparel rejects who are not spending any money to support the conference. NOBODY ever wants to hear, “Yeah, you would have been awesome as opener for the White Stripes reunion tour, but I couldn’t get in the party to see your band play.”

    5) most importantly, if you have not already set up your invite protocol, then please please PLEASE use Eventbrite to get the word out. I’m tired of replying to the same emails over & over & over because all the parties sound the same after the 50th forward. I’m tired of filling out your proprietary email form again because I forgot I’ve already RSVP’d to Beer by Beer West — after a while, they ALL start to look the same.

    Eventbrite makes it easy for you to collect and sort RSVPs. Eventbrite lets organizers create unique URLs so you can track where the biggest sign-ups came from, whether it be a blog, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Eventbrite lets you view and check your list from a browser, or download the list to excel. Eventbrite tells you attendee geography by IP address. Eventbrite has waitlist and private guest list options.

    Eventbrite lets me as an attendee know which parties I’ve already RSVP’d to, so I’m not wasting time and signing up again. Eventbrite is accessible from my phone, so I can look up which events are happening in the next 6 hours. And most importantly to you, Eventbrite makes it easy for attendees to share party info with their friends on their platform of choice.

    And all this extends way beyond the parameters of SXSW. Eventbrite works, no matter what kind of event you are organizing, whether it be a private gathering or a paid concert. Don’t make things any harder on yourself or your guests, just hop on for the ride (And for the record, Eventbrite did not pay for this glowing endorsement, although kickbacks, bribes, and gifts are all gladly accepted with full disclosure).

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