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Tipsheet Email May 7, 2012 — Money.

May 14, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)

There is so. much. MONEY. flowing around the world these days.

Instagram gets bought for $1 billion by Facebook!

Facebook opens with a $120 billion valuation on their first day as a publicly traded company!

Coachella 2012 grosses over $50 million!

Amanda Palmer raises Read More…

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    Tipsheet Email Feb 27, 2012 — When Niches Become the Mainstream

    April 6, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)

    Eyeball-deep in SXSW setup, and taking care of all the normal work that must be done before, during, and after. Send over invites & announcements for daytime parties, and we’ll add them to our annual party list, which will be posted soon. Promise.

    A few little-known facts from last week: CAA was quick to point out that Third Eye Blind Read More…

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      Tipsheet Email April 18, 2011 — SongKick Integration, CardKarma

      April 18, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)

      Setting up meetings for NARM (got a couple spaces left on Tuesday & Thursday if you like), having some fun this week — we just married the Tipsheet’s new release database to the SongKick database and are having an absolute blast!  See here for an
      example — so now, when you scroll the weekly release list, Read More…

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