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Tipsheet Email March 26, 2012 — Return of the Boy Bands

April 6, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)
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    One Direction debuted at #1 this past week with 176k albums sold, marking the return of boy bands in a big way. Awesome.

    Seriously, we need acts like this to create new generations of music fans. Most of today’s big pop stars are so long in the tooth that we hear more from them via tabloids, reality shows, talent shows, and endorsements than we do from the radio. And that’s not good.

    So yeah, to have a new crop of pop acts draw billions of dollars out of parents’ wallets? Bring it.

    Glee, Idol, Bieber, Katy Perry, and the like have all done a great job in keeping young fans involved, but this time it’s different — we’re at the very beginning of a new wave of music fans and music services. So hopefully this time around, all the pieces are in place for young fans to successfully migrate to paid services (instead of jumping straight to illegal downloads like they have for the past decade).

    Does this mean that every major label and their mother is gonna try to manufacture a boy band in a mad dash for cash? Probably, and that’s okay — let the big boys focus on the big acts and the big dollars, while real artists get to focus on their craft and develop careers on their own terms. And maybe one day we’ll get back to a time when real, face-melting rock bands become popular again. Maybe.

    These days the world’s big enough to where these bands can dominate the airwaves and never touch foot in my social sphere. And as the boy bands’ fans get older, we’ll find ways to get them hooked on Santigold, Miike Snow, Jack White, and Spiritualized. Just give ‘em some time.

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