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TV is Now the Second Screen, Tablets & Phones are #1

November 5, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)
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    My heart goes out to everyone affected by the horrific weather and subsequent blackouts this past week, I hope you all get back to 100% soon.

    The press keeps on talking about how tablet & smartphone use is leading to a “second screen” experience, but I gotta tell ya — this past week, my TV was the SECOND SCREEN, while ALL the action was happening online.

    As the networks struggled to fill every minute with pertinent data, looping the same images or ridiculously putting their field reporters in harm’s way, my social feeds were ON FIRE — I hopped on to Twitter and BAMBAMBAMBAM news was flying in all directions straight from the field, especially if you tapped into the right local tweeters, who acted as a beacon for everybody else.

    Flooding? Check. Power outages? Check. Heavy winds, sheared facades, damaged neighborhoods, recovery efforts, donation dropoff points, government resources? Check check check check check check — Twitter made the cable news networks look like World War 2-era radio reports.

    The broadcast networks will start to do more than just scroll your tweets across the bottom of the screen, or the social networks are going to develop into full-fledged media outlets. And I’m betting on the second, especially if X-Box or Apple TV take everything to whole other level.

    Imagine if Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, or whomever pulled verified, public content from their platforms and presented this content via more fully-developed, robust destination pages. I know they do quite a bit already within the confines of their own frameworks, but if they built richer pages for special events, the social platforms could KILL IT even more than they already do.

    Or imagine if someone built a smart TV app that displayed curated text & image tweets in a split screen alongside the Grammys, the VMAs, the Super Bowl, or even the Alabama-LSU game.

    Or imagine if you could pull up an interactive map on your TV screen that shows you hurricane damage via tweeted pictures that pop up where they were taken, giving you context & navigation for images posted between all points from Long Island and Atlantic City.

    What does this have to with music? EVERYTHING. You gotta prepare for the second screen to be the first screen, because in my world, in the world of your target audience, it already is.

    Something else to think about — searching #hardfest on Instagram yields 6,000 photos; searching #funfunfunfest brings up 16,000 photos — whatcha gonna do with this wealth of content?

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