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Using Twitter Tumblr & Instagram to Elevate Your Art

August 13, 2012 by scott / Comment (1)
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    Are you an artist? Prove it.

    I love that you are using social media to show snapshots of your life, peeling the curtain back just a tad to show us what you had for breakfast, what it looks like in your studio, that awesome skydive you just did, those shots with fans backstage. Seriously, that stuff is great, and brings your fans a little bit closer to you.

    But what about your artistic side?

    It’s de rigueur for celebrities to have both an Instagram and a Twitter account, so why not use one to show off your daily life, and the other to show us your artistic side?

    Why not show us the things that inspire you? I’m not talking about random snapshots of your Fisker, of a case of Cristal, or your Bruce Lee DVD collection.

    I’m talking about elevating the platform by telling a story, creating a well-thought-out, deliberately planned, serialized set of postings that show off frayed books. Cigar boxes filled pictures of your parents as teenagers. Of cigarette butts and wine bottles, of large canvases smeared with ash & blood, covered with Polaroids and musings written in quill by candlelight from a tent in Kenya.

    Make this story an extension of your album art / concept. Or not.

    Connect your Instagram to your Tumblr to enable web viewing and sharing.

    Or take 200 photos over the course of six months, post them all to a Tumblr without telling anyone, then send out a link to this sprawling epic in the middle of the night, that fans wake up to and blogs muse “WTF?!” for hours on end about the meaning of each piece.

    Better yet, post a huge batch of images to flickr so they all sync perfectly to your song when you slideshow the pictures at a certain speed.

    Do something so wild that even Kanye goes, “Man, THAT sh*t is craaaaaaay.”

    Raise the bar for everyone, and take these workaday tools and use them as a visual extension of the audio creations you build.

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      • Brad H

        You are spot on…..we need stuff like this.  

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