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04.22.13: ASCAP Expo, Rolling Up Your Sleeves

May 6, 2013 by scott / Comment (0)
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    Much thanks to the fine folks at ASCAP for having me out to their Expo last — so great to see the org bringing together their members to gain inspiration from those who have “made it,” connect with each other, and get a leg up along the way.

    But I do have to say, as inspirational it can be to see the stars talk about the process, the business, the travails, the excitement of overcoming all the challenges to get to where they are, I would highly advise anyone looking to get ahead in the business to roll up your sleeves and hit as many DIY panels as possible.

    There was a four-hour block of programming in which rising stars of / direct connects from companies like YouTube, PledgeMusic, and TopSpin were basically giving away the keys to the castle. These folks offered up inside information that you would have to pay someone else tons of cash to access or do, and they walked you through the process of how to maximize your efforts on their platforms. F’ing insane! GOLDEN.

    As a creator, I know it can suck digging into all the unsexy behind the scenes stuff one has to do to stay on top of all the social / marketing platforms, in addition to honing your craft AND teaching yourself about business / legal / recording / equipment issues too.

    But it’s no different than going to the gym — a little bit of time each day goes a long way towards making yourself fluent in these systems, and in time are a natural extension of your being.

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