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09.17.12 — SF 49ers: Superstars of Visual Social Media

October 16, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)
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    A couple of weeks ago, I encouraged artists to up their game by using either their Instagram or Twitter accounts by breaking past the mundane and showing off a more artistic side — little did I expect, of the 1500+ celebrities we track on our sister site TheyPosted, that the entity that would take visual social media to the next level, would be the San Francisco 49ers.

    Say what? An NFL football team dared to go where true artists have yet to tread? I mean yeah, a lot of bands show backstage pics, on the road, etc., but I haven’t seen anyone take it to this level yet — it is as if you are on the field while the game is being played. The 49ers social media team take the pedestrian and turn it into EPIC, quality material. Compare the 49ers feed with every other NFL team’s pics and you see how much more incredible their social feed is.

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