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February 27, 2013 by scott / Comment (1)
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    Click this link to download the INTERACTIVE list.

    Click this link to download the MUSIC list.

    THE RULES: If you want a party added, deleted, or changed, let me know asap.  If you would like to invite me to a private party but not list it, then by all means do!

    Email: scott (at) sperrymedia (dot) com              Twitter: @scottperry

    This is just a personal list I build for myself and am more than happy to pass around, but I do keep it simple & easy to read — use Google, Eventbrite, or the SXSW site to look up extra details, addresses, RSVP info, etc.

    I cannot 100% guarantee the accuracy of this document, but it should make your SXSWi *much* easier to navigate.

    And trust me, carrying this piece of paper will save you a TON of battery life on your mobile device.

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