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Tipsheet Email May 14, 2012 — DO NOT Buy into Facebook IPO

May 14, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)

I know it’s big on a lot of people’s lists, but if you are not friends & family or don’t have pre-IPO shares, please please PLEASE DO NOT BUY SHARES OF FACEBOOK STOCK.

I admire the company. I constantly read white papers drafted around their mind-blowing presentations. They are a super-smart crew with incredible vision & reach, and the site is personally a daily destination.

But as an investment, you’re best to steer clear until they can Read More…

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    Tipsheet Email April 16, 2012 — Facebook / Instagram / Visual Marketing

    by scott / Comment (0)

    So, after Facebook’s purchase of Instagram last week for a cool billion, does anyone need any more convincing that we are moving towards visual-based communications?

    Anyway, Facebook. Timeline. What the f is going on? I didn’t want to say it in my email a couple weeks ago because I was unsure of the results after the changeover (and I have more than a couple friends that work at these places), but Facebook’s conversion to Timeline is KILLING traffic to Facebook apps.

    What’s a band / club / store / station to do? Go back to square one, plain & simple — instead of putting all your energy into pimping out your Facebook profile, use your Facebook presence to Read More…

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      Tipsheet Email Feb 13, 2012 — Dig Deeper into Social Media

      April 6, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)

      I’ll talk more about this in future editions, but I have to put this out there after a couple of meetings last week — as a manager, it is your job to do everything you can for your artist’s career, even when the traditional pillars of radio / tv / press are not there for you.

      Used to be, you could buy your way in to any of those channels. Not anymore. It is up to you and your acts to Read More…

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        Tipsheet Email Oct 3, 2011 — The Return of Mixtapes / Rise of Citizen DJs

        October 4, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)

        Sitting here, just laughing – headlines jumping all over the place about users howling that 1) new Spotify subscribers MUST use their Facebook profile to sign up, and 2) Read More…

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          Tipsheet Email Sept 26, 2011 — How to Use Spotify on Facebook for Bigger Boosts

          by scott / Comment (0)

          Welcome to the new Facebook! Can’t say that I care to view friends’ interactions with strangers in the news ticker, but I am excited by the further integration of Spotify into the site. And let’s be honest — it’s Spotify, followed by Read More…

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            Tipsheet Email May 16, 2011 – NARM, Abandon Text / Go Visual

            June 9, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)

            What a great NARM this year! While a far cry from more rambunctious days (two words: Richard Cottrell), NARM provided a more sober backdrop to the business part of the music biz. The labels brought out some serious star power (Tyrese, Jeff Bridges & T Bone Burnett, Annie Lennox, Manilow, Al Jardine, Brian Wilson, a Pink Floyd remasters event at the Capitol studios) to remind us why we started in this business, introduced us to a few up & comers that Read More…

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              Chamillionaire Talks Social Media with Scott (140conf LA)

              November 5, 2010 by scott / Comment (0)

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