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NMT Email Dec 6, 2010 — The Challenge of the Modern Consumer

December 7, 2010 by scott / Comment (0)

Hot damn, the American consumer is back! Black Friday sales saw double digit growth, and internet sales topped $1 billion for the first time ever. Two Michael Jackson gloves went for $200,000 each and Johnny Cash’s San Quentin jumpsuit sold for $50,000 at auction this weekend.

Quite a different story from the world I am getting a peek at, where I am dealing with broke-ass Craigslist vultures who are asking for $10 off a $20 set of garden tools that would normally retail for $100. Where photo fanatics will bid up a 50 year old camera (that may or may not work) to $200, but the Read More…

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    New Music Minute 53 — November 29, 2010 Releases

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      New Music Minute 48

      October 26, 2010 by scott / Comment (0)

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        by scott / Comment (0)

        (originally published December 5, 2006)

        Howdy folks – I just got back from 30 label meetings in 5 days in New York City last week, and I have to say, this holiday season is going to signal the MASSIVE upheaval in our industry that we have all seen coming for quite some time.

        I can’t say that anything discussed was a real surprise, but the EXTREMITY of change was definitely a shock. There was not a single meeting in which the words RETURNS and RE-ORGS didn’t come up. That’s not to say that every label I talked to is in danger of facing layoffs or eating returned product, but those were the two biggest concerns facing the retail side of the business these days. The other big lesson: THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND.

        First, let’s start with RETURNS: Read More…

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