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10.15.12 — Hashtags, Images, Sacca

October 16, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)

Check this out — ESPNU is starting to INTEGRATE fan-shot video into sports highlights! I have been talking about this for a while, I will be talking about it even more in the months ahead — there is a TON of fan-shot content, video & still imagery from shows and events. And we as an industry are barely doing anything with ANY of it.

Every single TV show, every single commercial, every single event, every single promotion has a hashtag attached to it now. And yet the music industry is the last to latch on to this practice.

Seriously, can you name the hashtag Read More…

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    09.17.12 — SF 49ers: Superstars of Visual Social Media

    by scott / Comment (0)

    A couple of weeks ago, I encouraged artists to up their game by using either their Instagram or Twitter accounts by breaking past the mundane and showing off a more artistic side — little did I expect, of the 1500+ celebrities we track on our sister site TheyPosted, that the entity that would take visual social media to the next level, would be Read More…

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