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Tipsheet Email Feb 27, 2012 — When Niches Become the Mainstream

April 6, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)

Eyeball-deep in SXSW setup, and taking care of all the normal work that must be done before, during, and after. Send over invites & announcements for daytime parties, and we’ll add them to our annual party list, which will be posted soon. Promise.

A few little-known facts from last week: CAA was quick to point out that Third Eye Blind Read More…

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    Tipsheet Email Feb 20, 2012 — Aetna, Third Eye Blind, SXSW

    by scott / Comment (1)

    Dear Aetna, what the hell were you thinking?

    I got an email from you the other day, inviting me to your SXSW Interactive Party featuring — wait for it — Third Eye Blind!!!

    Invite here: “The ultimate combination of good times and good music, sure to be a high point of the weekend.”

    Say what? What century is this? Gee, that’s swell Read More…

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      Tipsheet Email, February 6 2012 — Random Notes

      by scott / Comment (0)

      Welcome to another week! Finally getting to the outside world after wrapping up two massive projects in January.

      Great to see some peeps pre-Pollstar, looking forward to seeing friends in town for the Grammys before heading up to SF Music Tech.

      Sad to have missed Read More…

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        Tipsheet Email August 22, 2011 – Upcoming Conferences,, Tying Charity into Your Parties

        August 24, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)

        Major kudos to Ashli & Toby for putting on yet another excellent Bandwidth Conference. Being able to share ideas in a closed-door roundtable setting was just as valuable as getting quality facetime and insights with heads of, Spotify, and numerous experts from across the digital / music space.

        Anybody looking for anything similar to this should look to Read More…

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          NMT Email March 21, 2011 — How to Use Goldstar & Groupon for Concerts

          April 8, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)

          Still recovering from a fantastic 8 days in Austin, always great to see old friends and see that the biz is alive and well.

          Totally blown away by the size of the crowds at Interactive, and the sheer volume of sponsors throwing around money to woo your attention. And Music was up by 30% from last year, but I had no Read More…

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            NMT Email March 14, 2011 — SXSWi Overview, SXSW Music Preview

            by scott / Comment (0)

            The original Annual SXSW Daytime Party List is now available! Click here for the most recent info, apologies if we missed anybody’s listings. Also, drop by for my Mentoring Session on Thursday March 17. Please pass this email along to your friends, so that we may get more traffic and subscribers in exchange for our efforts.

            Greetings from sunny Austin Texas! Been swimming in the Interactive soup before you arrive for music, and I gotta say, this thing is HUGE. In years past, Interactive & Music have been on par (~10,000 each, with Interactive finally passing Music last year), but according to friends, Read More…

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              NMT Email Feb 28, 2011 — Waterloo Records Shows, Live Streaming

              March 8, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)

              One of the things that excites me the most about today’s technology is that it is being used to highlight the activities worldwide of any local culture. This will be in full effect this year at Austin texas indie store Waterloo Records, where they will be streaming all their SXSW instore performances live on their website.

              Waterloo has been the cornerstone of Austin’s music community for decades; their impact in the local culture and economy cannot be Read More…

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                NMT Email Feb 21, 2011 – SXSW Party Rules, Eventbrite

                by scott / Comment (0)

                Anybody looking for a breakfast meetup in a post-Las Manitas Austin should seriously consider Sol y Luna at the corner of 6th & Red River, right next to Emo’s. It’s a close walk from the Hilton and has all the Manitas recipes — it doesn’t have the old-time diner vibe that Las Manitas had, but hopefully with a good crowd every morning it will feel like that home away from home. With migas con queso.

                Anybody throwing a party this year — Read More…

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                  NMT Email Feb 7, 2011 — SXSW, Instagram, Comic-Con

                  February 6, 2011 by scott / Comment (1)

                  SXSW is a month away, are you ready? You’ve got your bands booked at the right venues and the right parties, but do you have a plan in place to exploit those appearances outside the 512? Do you have space on the guest list to invite non-industry fans via Twitter and Facebook promotions? Do you have your team in place to stream content live via Ustream and archive a couple extra pieces on YouTube? Do you have a scavenger hunt set up via Foursquare check-ins? Will you have an event-specific signed poster to hand out to anyone who checks in via Gowalla?

                  SXSW has always been the launchpad for the Next Big Thing in music, but ever since Twitter emerged in 2007, SXSW has become the launchpad for the Next Big Thing in technology. Mark it — this year,  Read More…

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                    NMT Email Dec 13, 2010 — SXSW Parties, Prince, Logos

                    December 13, 2010 by scott / Comment (0)

                    Hope you all have a handle on SXSW, because it’ll be here before you know it. And if you are on shaky ground with your party plans at this point, drop ‘em and partner up with someone else. Pool resources, pool mailing lists, pool sponsor dollars, pool your collective energies to make one great party instead of three crappy parties.

                    The Daytime Party list has grown from 10 to 30 pages in recent years, and will only Read More…

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