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Tipsheet Email Dec 5, 2011 — 2012 All-Mobile All-Visual, Top 10

February 8, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)
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    Wrapping up the year, safe holidays. Thanks to all our sponsors & supporters for keeping the Tipsheet rolling another year, so that we may provide you with an extensive list of new releases, headlines from across the web, and (what I hope are) thought-provoking weekly emails that bring to light emerging trends & technologies.

    Speaking of support, subscribe to our Crystal Ball section if you haven’t already – it’s a huge long-term list of new releases, going out as far as April 2012 at this point. It’s clean, quick, and concise, and pays for itself in seconds. Write it off as a business expense, worth every penny.

    Hope the Tipsheet has helped you stay ahead of emerging technologies & trends, here are a few previously-covered subjects getting greater recognition these days: kudos to Instagram and Soundtracking for being named Apple’s Best Overall app & Best Music app for 2011 respectively; big ups to Rightsflow, who just got acquired before the weekend by Google; and even though this article barely scrapes the surface, LA is slowly coming into its own in the tech community, with honest-to-god momentum signaling bigger things in 2012.

    And as for 2012, I’m sticking with the theme of all-mobile, all-visual — visual platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram have seen an explosion in usage; layer geo and commerce on top of visual and social, watch the fireworks show next year.

    Finally, my top ten to round out the year, in alpha order (I’m not gonna pretend to be cool, I just like what I like) — Adele, Black Keys, Danger Mouse / Rome, Foster the People, M83, Metronomy, Portugal the Man, Real Estate, Ryan Adams, Washed Out.

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