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Tipsheet Email April 16, 2012 — Facebook / Instagram / Visual Marketing

May 14, 2012 by scott / Comment (0)
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    So, after Facebook’s purchase of Instagram last week for a cool billion, does anyone need any more convincing that we are moving towards visual-based communications?

    Anyway, Facebook. Timeline. What the f is going on? I didn’t want to say it in my email a couple weeks ago because I was unsure of the results after the changeover (and I have more than a couple friends that work at these places), but Facebook’s conversion to Timeline is KILLING traffic to Facebook apps.

    What’s a band / club / store / station to do? Go back to square one, plain & simple — instead of putting all your energy into pimping out your Facebook profile, use your Facebook presence to empower your fans to like, comment, click, and share, but also send people BACK TO YOUR SITE. We’ve been through this before — quit handing over the keys to the kingdom to another service; instead, use those services to bring the action to your house.

    Which is why I recommend going visual with EVERYTHING, so tagging & liking & sharing is more fluid. Like I’ve said before, it’s nice to be liked, it’s better to be SHARED.

    Let’s say you’re going on a 20-city tour — of course you should send out a press release to the press & blogs but do something meaningful for your fans, but also make an image for every single city. Then post one city every four hours onto your Facebook wall — just don’t throw them all up in a batch, or else Facebook will bury your posts. And that’s no fun. Link that picture back to a pre-sale page on your own site. And encourage fans to share the pic with their friends in each market.

    Alright, so that would take 5 days to slowly roll it out, but you get the idea. Or even better, make a tour poster of each city, and slowly roll out an image of each poster, linked to a fan club page where that poster is part of a VIP package.

    But the whole notion of posting events on Facebook and having fans check in? Yes, as a reminder, but not as a commerce driver — instead, post a pic, add a ticket buy link, encourage comments & shares. “Check out his awesome poster we’ve made for Albuquerque! Who’s coming out to the show? Presale Saturday, more info here.”

    And it doesn’t stop with the pre-sale. Post pix while you are in the city to show fans that you rare down with their town. And have your roadie take & post pix post-show, so fans can tag themselves. But that’s all 101 bs that you’ve been doing for years, riiiight?

    Same thing applies to everything you do — got a band coming in for a performance? Post a pic, add a link to your site. Got a lot of cool stuff for sale (Record Store Day)? Post a pic, add a link to your site. Special guest drop by yesterday for tea & crumpets? Post a pic, add a link to your site. Or just post the pic right to your site first, then post that link to your Facebook page instead.

    And as for Instagram, even though you can’t add a live link to an Instagram post, get in there and add as many applicable related #keywords to each IG pic you post for better search functionality in the Instagram ecosystem. It doesn’t add immediate revenue, but it definitely helps build your IG base by connecting with related communities. And with the IG community growing at a million new users a day, you definitely want to be on board if you haven’t joined already.

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