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Tipsheet Email August 9, 2011 — A Night of Sweet Relief Microsite is LIVE

August 24, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)
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    As a faithful Tipsheet reader, I wanted to tip you off to the Night of Sweet Relief microsite that just launched.

    The site is still a work in progress (info on all the participants still needs to be posted), but I wanted to give kudos to Bryan Landers for putting this together in record time (seriously, he started with draft notes just one week ago) — a clean, WordPress-based site, which plugs in modules from Meetup, Twitter, Facebook, and flickr for easy cross-platform aggregation.

    And as you can tell by the big list at the bottom of the page, the Meetup map will soon be filling up with a great list of participating venues. In fact, help from (soon-to-be-posted sponsors) Record Store Day, Billboard, ReverbNation, Hiel, and IMRadio will grow that venue list exponentially in the coming weeks.

    So as an artist, a manager, a venue, a technology platform, as a blogger or journalist, we ask that you point your followers to this microsite and help out however you can.

    And before I split, congrats to Abe Burns, J Sider, Julia Betley, Ryan Chisholm, Tom Russell, and the rest fo the crew that made Billboard’s 30 Under 30 list — we broke it, you fix it. Haaa!

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