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Tipsheet Email July 19, 2011 — A Night of Sweet Relief

July 20, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)
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    Sweet Relief Musicians Fund is launching a Night of Sweet Relief on October 15, 2011 — an annual event to be held in October each year, to raise awareness and funds via concerts at venues nationwide.

    Sweet Relief is already working with ticketing companies (Ticketfly, Ticket Biscuit, Ticket Web, plus some support from Ticketmaster), venues (The Roxy, Spaceland, The Echo, Slims, Great American, Warfield, Mercury Lounge, Exit In), promoters (Goldenvoice), and record stores (Criminal, Music Millennium, Park Ave) in conjunction with this event, and is chatting with managers and artists on a daily basis.

    Sweet Relief needs your help for this event. How can YOU get involved?

    MANAGERS, ARTISTS, LABELS, BOOKING AGENTS, VENUES, PROMOTERS: Contact Rob Max or John Woodto get more information on how to set up a specific event for that night, or to tie in a currently-planned October 15 event into Night of Sweet Relief.

    RECORD STORES, RADIO STATIONS, BLOGS: Set up “Night of Sweet Relief” events on October 15, and tap into your communities to raise money and awareness for Sweet Relief.

    TICKETING COMPANIES, ONLINE ARTIST SERVICE COMPANIES: Add a box to your programs that allows fans to donate more on top of their order, or divert a portion of an order, to the artist’s charity of choice (in this case, Sweet Relief).

    EVERYBODY: Use your mailing lists and blog platforms to spread the word about this event to your followers, and send out links for people to contribute or to sign up as a participant in the evening.

    If you need text & links & images to copy & paste, let me know. If you think specific widgets would work best to engage potential fans, let me know. We will be building a microsite to gather as much information available and get you every tool possible to help spread the word across whatever platform you use.

    Any help in working directly with Sweet Relief, as well as spreading the word amongst your peers, would be greatly appreciated. I will be contacting a lot of you directly in the weeks ahead – as much as people believe that events like this are pushed by big shows with big names, I believe that it is just as important to bring together hundreds of small events nationwide in order to dig deeper into as many communities as possible. Every bit helps. Thank you.

    Night of Sweet Relief info page

    Night of Sweet Relief registration / sign up form

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