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Tipsheet Email May 9, 2011 — Music Hack Day, APIs

June 9, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)
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    While we can all ponder over what happens next in this WMG / EMI chess game being played out by billionaires and hedge fund managers, I’m more intrigued these days by the future of music and how it will be shared in the coming years. Perfectly happy returning home after a brief visit to New Orleans for Jazzfest, a part of me was wishing I was in SF for Music Hack Day on Sunday.

    I’ve been spending a good bit of time looking at Very Pretty Things online – I drop by sites like Instagram and Pinterest and take random paths to see what inspires total strangers, and find some truly amazing stuff outside of my own comfort zone. And with all the buzz about open APIs by EchoNest, Rdio, SoundCloud, married with pictures & location & events, we’re about to see an explosion of killer apps that will attempt to be the perfect tool for music discovery, consumption, curation, and sharing. Services like Soundtracking and Discovr are a good start, but something will emerge in the next 18 months that will blow us all away.

    I don’t mean for any of this to sound all hippy-dippy pie-in-the-sky dreaming — it’s just somewhere, somehow, someone is going to develop a service that marries the proper mix of audio & visual that fits your personal tastes, more than likely piggybacking on one of these services that has acquired the proper license to access music, and cater a whole new way of experiencing music. And hopefully along the way, it brings in significant revenues to keep the good times rolling. Can’t wait.

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