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Tipsheet Email Oct 24, 2011—Record Store Day Black Friday

November 20, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)
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    The independent record stores that make up Record Store Day just announced their exclusives for Black Friday, and the list is pretty sweet — among the treasures this year are 7″ singles box sets from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors, and Bob Dylan; 10″ vinyl from Nirvana, Wilco, and Soundgarden; and myriad other goodies.
    Awesome, Record Store Day stores — now go crazy with this shit, tease it out from now until Black Friday. Every store should be posting unboxing videos, passing ‘em around via email, Facebook, and Twitter. And don’t just stop with your own store’s Facebook page — post videos and pix to each bands’ Facebook pages so their fans know it’s coming! Take those pretty pictures, tag ‘em with keywords, and pass ‘em around via Instagram and flickr.

    Take Black Friday up another notch and buy local ads on Facebook, targeting fans of certain high-traffic artists within 25 miles of your zip code. Even better, get $100 in free Facebook ads from AmEx, and let your customers know they get $25 back in credit when they use their AmEx card at your store on Small Business Saturday.

    Take things even further and go full-on Neiman Marcus by using the coolest, rarest, most valuable items in your store to lure in the droolers, the obsessives, the passionate – you got a $10,000 Beatles butcher cover album? Talk it up! Got some autographed Dead items, Samhain vinyl, a drum head signed by Keith Moon, Pearl Jam ‘Ten’ signed by all five original members, that Rolling Stone magazine cover poster signed by a 17 year old Britney Spears? Talk it up — make a big deal out of the things that are so impossibly rare and expensive that it draws customers in to aspire to own the $1000 items, but walk out buying four $100 items.

    Even better, go hyperlocal — reach out to your local superstars and see what kind of rarities they have collecting dust at an undisclosed warehouse. If you own a record store in Ohio, call Robert Pollard, and go, “Hey Robert Pollard, what rare Guided by Voices goodies would you like to consign at our shop?” If you’re in Minneapolis, call up Prince and go, “Hey Prince Rogers Nelson Symbol-that-cannot-be-pronounced Dude, do you have boxes of Lovesexy merch that we can sell for you?”

    If you live in Detroit, hit up Kid Rock, Jack White, and ICP for boxes of old promos you can sell for them. If you live in LA, ask Ryan Adams if he has a stack of old limited edition tour lithos that he can sign and consign through your store. If you have a store in New York, surely the Beastie Boys have some stuff boxed away in a storage facility in Yonkers, right? Add a charity component if you can afford it — $5 from each one of these posters sold goes to your local children’s charity. Everybody’s got a local hero, work with ‘em so you both make money.

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