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Tipsheet Email Sept 26, 2011 — How to Use Spotify on Facebook for Bigger Boosts

October 4, 2011 by scott / Comment (0)
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    Welcome to the new Facebook! Can’t say that I care to view friends’ interactions with strangers in the news ticker, but I am excited by the further integration of Spotify into the site. And let’s be honest — it’s Spotify, followed by every other streaming service combined, by a margin of 500 posts to 1 already, and will only widen over time.

    While Digital Music News reports adding Spotify to be a bit of a cluster for newbies accessing the service via Facebook, the paid service has worked just fine for me since I had Spotify prior to the deep integration – just do yourself a favor and pay the $5 or $10 a month for the full service.

    With Spotify plays showing up on the wall and in the ticker, peer pressure will have an immediate effect upon consumption, as you see the same names over & over in the ticker (the winners right now being Foster the People, Laura Marling, Little Dragon, and Washed Out). Over time, this will become an influential channel for “breaking” new acts – but for now, more people must sign up to Spotify in order to create such a large-scale mass effect.

    And while it’s cool right now that the influence of friends’ plays will build as they appear on your wall, what would be *really* cool is if one day Spotify were to integrate onto Fan / Business Pages, thus making good of the initial promise of celebrity plays we first saw on iTunes Ping. So instead of tapping the network effect of 1:5,000 (the maximum number of friends allowed on a personal profile), imagine tapping into the network effect of 1:25,000,000 — could Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, Justin Bieber, or Lady Gaga break an artist they like? What impact would Doritos, Spin, or Budweiser have if they had Spotify accounts integrated into their Fan Pages? What if Grey’s Anatomy, Monday Night Football, and Jersey Shore broadcast each episode’s songs via a Spotify playlist that shows up in your Facebook ticker?

    Do you premiere your newest song via Spotify on Facebook in order to give your Spotify-enabled Facebook fans first dibs? To complete the circuit, wouldn’t it be dope if non-fans could “like” that artist’s verified Facebook Fan Page via Spotify?

    Will there be entities so big that they can affect flashplays, so that even people that don’t follow that influencer take notice? What if Vin Diesel tells his fans to follow his lead and play The Carpenters all day long? What if 106 & Park encouraged its viewers to play NWA in honor of Ice Cube’s birthday? Could you see a surge of friends playing Widespread Panic and Cypress Hill every day at 4:20? Food for thought, let’s chat more about this at Digital Music Forum West next week.

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