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02.18.13: Whitepaper: Using Hashtags to Harness the Power of Social Visual

February 15, 2013 by scott / Comment (0)
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    Last week, digitalmusic.org published a paper I wrote about hashtags — best practices, live examples, and suggestions moving forward. I ask that all of you head here and download the paper now.

    There’s a lot of 101 stuff there, and in fact there has been a lot of progress in the Social Visual marketing space in the time since I submitted the paper for review. But it also opens the discussion to where we as an industry should go moving forward in order to harness the power of band / fan image-based communication.

    Join Whitney Broussard and myself for a lively discussion of the use of Social Visual for promotional & commercial purposes at “Community Conversation: Who Owns the Rights to Everything?” 10:40am Tuesday 2/19 at SF Music Tech next week, reach out if you need my insights & guidance to help make your company more prosperous and profitable.

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